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The testing times is a blogspot from Tinius Olsen. It is a record of some of the interesting custom made testing products and gripping solutions which the Design Engineers have developed within Tinius Olsen.

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Tinius Olsen - Testing in Education
Tinius Olsen helping Masterbaches producer towards Quality Perfection PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 07:04

A leading producer of Masterbatches and Compounds for the plastics industry, headquartered in Israel but with operations around the world, has invested in more quality control equipment from Tinius Olsen. The organization places high value on sustainability, and is dedicated to environmental, social and financial issues, making them one of the leading businesses in the industry.

The organization develops, produces and sells cost-effective solutions which will ensure the evolution of top quality end products in areas such as packaging films (BOPP, CPP, PE), PC sheet, agricultural films and derivatives, biopolymers, flame retardant applications, PEX pipes, fibers and nonwovens. These quality goals and admirable values makes the investment in bench-top testing machines from Tinius Olsen, to join the ranks of melt indexers from Tinius Olsen already in use, an easy and straightforward decision.

The addition of the tensile testers will ensure that the production of top quality end products in areas such as packaging films (BOPP, CPP, PE), PC sheet, agricultural films and derivatives, biopolymers, flame retardant applications, PEX pipes, fibers and nonwovens, continue to be as robust as they have always been.

SDL Atlas Sales Seminar in UK PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 June 2014 08:34

Tinius Olsen’s global partner for the textile industry, SDL Atlas, has just conducted a sales seminar for its European distributors where SDL Atlas and Tinius Olsen product updates were the main agenda. Attendees also received a demonstration and got hands-on experience with a Tinius Olsen benchtop tensile tester and SDL version of Horizon software as part of a textile quality control application. Tinius Olsen’s resident textile expert, Mrs. Jessy Lauga-Brown, was in attendance and also addressed attendees on Tinius Olsen’s long history and experience in the textile industry. Attendees also got a chance to visit Tinius Olsen’s UK plant.

Tinius Olsen helps take wound care management to new levels PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 May 2014 08:33


A major wound management dressing and bandage company in the UK has invested in more quality control testing equipment in the form of our H5kS tensile tester with pneumatic grips and our Horizon data analysis software. The tester will be used to test the elastic properties of their flat, non-adhesive fabric bandages,  in accordance with BS7505, to ensure patient comfort and maintain high quality bandages. Our customer’s range of high quality, innovative and sophisticated products has been developed to meet the constantly changing and growing expectations of healthcare professionals in the UK.  Additionally their wound healing solutions are designed to encourage better wound-healing and improve quality of life patients whilst maintaining cost effectiveness and acknowledging budgetary constraints.  Their new H5kS system will help them meet their goals and provide a wealth of information on  bandage performance.

Ten machines and counting PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 06:04

TechnoNICOL Corporation in Russia manufactures slabs produced from extrusion-type expanded polystyrene. The TECHNONICOL XPS slab is a modern insulating material that is widely used in construction for the arrangement of insulation for foundations, roofs, floors, insulation of facades, and the thermal insulation of railways and highways.
This is insulating material with uniformly distributed closed cells, which do not absorb water, do not swell and shrink, and are chemical and rot-resistant. Its high strength allows for an even and simultaneously rigid foundation that significantly increases the service life of the entire thermal insulating system.
TechnoNICOL has been developing and working with these building materials for over 20 years and since 1992 has relied on Tinius Olsen for its quality control testing procedures. They have bought more than 10 machines from Tinius Olsen over the years and recently bought an H10kT machine for tensile and compression tests on roofing materials and other polymer membranes in accordance with the Russian Standard GOST 2678 и GOST 17177.

Tinius Olsen Helps Modernise Lab And Water Supplies In California PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 May 2014 08:25


A major Department of Water and Power in Southern California recently purchased a model TO317E-FA, a fully automatic, computer controlled compression strength testing machine with a maximum capacity of 400,000 lbf (2,000 kN) to add to their laboratory. The Department has already updated the tester they bought from Forney, where they upgraded the machine’s controller and pressure transducer to ones from Tinius Olsen.

Their new FA machine will be used to test concrete test cylinders up to 6 inches in diameter, in accordance with the ASTM C39 standard, but also introduces a new level of control, data recording and data analysis. Until the introduction of Tinius Olsen’s FA models, this kind of control and data analysis was practically unheard of on concrete compression testers.

This Department of Water and Power is a government agency that manages the water and power infrastructure within the City of Los Angeles. They are responsible for the maintenance upgrades to the systems for the delivery of water and power to the millions of customers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Successful Tinius Olsen-UKIBC Seminar in Gurgaon, India PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 May 2014 04:34













On 12 May 2014, in partnership with Distributor Aimil Ltd we held our seminar on “Quality and Performance Testing of Plastics — Raw Material and Components” at UKIBC Gurgaon Centre India. The keynote speaker for the seminar was Harry Yohn, Chairperson of ASTM D20.30 Thermal Properties of Plastics, and D20.10.02 Impact Properties. Harry is also a Fellow of ASTM standards International.

The event was opened by Richard McCallum Managing Director of UKIBC India Pvt Limited who said “We are very pleased to be hosting the Tinius Olsen seminar today in support of UK manufacturers  doing business here in India”  The seminar was attended by approximately 35 representatives from both industry and academia including the Sriram institute for Industrial Research, a not-for-profit multidisciplinary contract research institute, Yamaha, Maruti-Suzuki India Ltd, Gail (India) Ltd and post-graduate students from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Presentations and discussion covered Tinius Olsen machines, ASTM / ISO testing standards for thermoplastics and polymers and good practice, good results from a Melt Indexer which included practical hands on work using the Tinius Olsen MP1200 melt index machine. Martin Wheeler Tinius Olsen Director of Sales said “I believe the event went very well, it was a great opportunity to share our application expertise with some of India’s leading polymer industry technicians and academics and we plan more such seminars on and off line”.


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